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Our GHE2 activation is aloe vera juice based and the energy seal is based with a blend of exotic butters to give your hair a whole new luxurious experience.  The Athena thick n lush is a special mix of nutrients and oils designed to complement the other products by keeping them preserved and active within your hair strands. The Activation, Energy seal and the Athena thick n lush work hand in hand, their cellular properties are combined to give you the extraordinary benefits listed below. What the GHE2 System does is feed your hair 100% pure natural energy through a special selected blend of vitamins, traced minerals and nutrients that can be found in the human body and derivatives of organic plant based material. Some of our special selected ingredients carry a natural energy charge and fully promote the distribution of energy through out your hair. This energy is heat, natural heat. These pure and unpolluted ingredients are directly absorbed by the cells in your hair cuticles and brought deep within the central cavity of the hair follicles cortex. This gives your hair and scalp a super charged, “energy activation protection system” that will become one with your hair follicles on a cellular level. Strengthening  your hair on such a 100% natural higher level it acts as a natural steroid to your hair. Your giving your hair exactly what it wants, needs and requires. Not just what sounds good. This system will protect your hair from literally any danger possible, enabling you a perfect hair growth journey. It also traps the energy that is expelled from your scalp within the molecular compound of each and every one of your hair strands. It naturally contains this energy in our nutrients and minerals and since your hair follicles absorb these compounds they become self-energized growing strong and free from breakage and split ends. In fact the ghe2 system guarantees you no unnatural breakage or split ends and we have never seen them with anyone who has ever used our system in the past or present. If you want to upgrade your hair journey to the highest levels of long, strong and healthy super charged energized hair growth, hair protection and over-all hair care the ghe2 system is for you.













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The ghe2 activation brings your hair back to life. This product has an Aloe Vera juice base and it’s to be used as a spritz. It directly feeds the cells in your hair cuticles a 100% natural and unpolluted blend of energized nutrients derived from the heart of the earth itself. These nutrients get absorbed directly into the central cortex of each and every one of your hair strands and roots causing your hair to flourish rapidly in strength, growth and over-all health. If your hair could talk and ask for a meal, it would be ghe2 growth activation.

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While the activation brings in the life, the energy seal contains it so these products work hand in hand. The energy seal has a mango butter base and its scented with mangoes and kiwi. It bonds with the activation on a cellular level in your hair causing your hair to do something it hasn’t been able to do in a very long time. “relax and grow”. With its major conditioning benefits the energy seal can stand up to any conditioner in the world. because it doesn’t just coat the hair to “feel” soft. Your hair softens as a result of the energy seal. If your hair could ask for a drink to wash down the activation, it would ask for energy seal.


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The Athena thick n lush is a blend of light luxurious oils and nutrients. It has a heavenly scent like the energy seal and it gives the hair a divine shine. It compliments aids these two products by protecting and locking in the growth and conditioning activity. If your hair could ask for a desert it would be the Athena Thick N Lush Oil. The Icing on the cake with a strawberry on top.